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Check Out The Lost Flashback Episcope

April 25, 2008
is my favorite site for all things LOST. It features intelligent and thoughtful theories along with screen-caps, Easter eggs and more. One of the most useful features is the episcope page. The episcope details the various flash forwards and flash backs. It provides a wealth of information in hi-def screen-caps and scary attention to detail. Sure I noticed that Ben was wearing the now famous Dharka (Dharma Parka) but did I notice it belonged to the mysterious Dr. Halliwax? Uh… nope!

Flashback #1 – Dharma Logos Are Pretty!

At the 2007 San Diego Comicon, Darlton played outtakes from an orientation film for a station called “The Orchid.” in the video, we see the artist known as Marvin Candle, and occassionally Mark Wickmund, now going under yet another name “Edgar Halliwax.” It should be a NO BRAINER then that this jacket comes from The Orchid, and therefore the logo is the symbol for The Orchid station.

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