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25 Awesome Openings To ’80s Action Shows

April 29, 2008

The A-Team

I’ve been feeling 80’s nostalgic lately. No, not for my cheating, ex-wife or the scut work I did at my college job. For 80’s TV. Some of my favorite shows are still 80’s shows. With nearly 15 mins. of commercials, the internet, and 12 billion channels on satellite, networks just can’t do those long, action filled, musical, openings. Remember the A-Team? Everything you needed to know was right there in the opening credits. The folks at The Popcorn Trick must have been feeling the same. They’ve compiled a list of 25 Best 80’s TV Openings complete with YouTube clips of each. (The Rockford Files link didn’t work when I tried). I also included a link from the TV Squad. They weighed in with five more. Remember the Tales of the Golden Monkey? Have fun…

The Popcorn Trick

TV Squad

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