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Nichelle Nichols and Zoe Saldana Talk Uhura + Spoilers?

April 30, 2008 shares info on new interviews with the original and new Uhuras.

Nichelle Nichols is still one of the most beautiful and intelligent women of TREK… and that’s saying a lot. I’m glad that they got such a warm welcome to the set. I hope Uhura finally gets a first name, will it be the *for now* non-cannon, Nyota?

Nichols talked about what it was an honor for her and how she surprised the cast with her visit (and possibly gave a spoiler), while Zoe Saldana talked about how ‘humbled’ she was to meet Nichols and may also have dropped a spoiler.

In an audio interview with (conducted at the recent Starfest in Devnver) [sic], Nichols talked about she was happy to be recast, and possibly gave a clue to the exact timing of the film. Here is a transcript [may contain spoilers]

Nichols also talked about a possible return to Heroes as well her time with NASA and more. Listen to the entire interview at

For more of the interview with Zoe, goto

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