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Mac Techie, Hacked Her Stolen Mac To Catch Thief

May 12, 2008

A pair of thieves were caught by the tech-savvy owner of one of the laptops they pilfered, using the Back to My Mac remote desktop software to find her Mac and take control of it – and take a picture of one of the thieves.
Kait Duplaga and her two roommates had items ranging from flat-screen TVs to their laptops stolen from their apartment. Leads had started to dry up when Duplaga was alerted by a friend who spotted her Mac online and sent her a congratulatory SMS on the return of her computer.
Duplaga said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” to which her friend replied, “Well, you popped up as being online.”
Duplaga then logged onto another Mac, and used Back to My Mac and the iSight camera on the laptop to check out the thief. She then took a picture of the person sitting in front of the laptop.
It turns out that both Edmon Shahikian, 23, and Ian Frias, 20, were among the guests at a party held at the apartment weeks before, and were friends of friends of the victims. Frias was ID’ed by one of Duplaga’s roommates.

The lessons here could be:

  • Hide all your expensive electronics when you have a party
  • Don’t have any parties
  • Wipe the hard drive of a PC you steal

At any rate, the two were arrested, and all – at least for now – is well.

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