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Thoughts On LOST Ep. 4.12

May 16, 2008

I don’t have much time these days… so here are some thoughts about ep. 4.12 from I’ve added some additions. I think some things were learned in this episode.

What we learned…

  1. Why Hurley winds up back in the mental hospital – the numbers again. (My favorite part of the night!)
  2. The baby story – Kate had her.
  3. That Claire and Jin we not the other two temporary survivors according to the O6 stories.
  4. That the Orchid secondary protocol was probably developed about 15 years ago (1988.) – about 3 years before the purge (1992). The box with the crackers and mirror was hidden 15 years ago.
  5. The entrance to the Orchid (a greenhouse), was damaged, probably during the Incident in 1985.
  6. Keamy rigged the freighter with explosives triggered to the dead mans switch on his arm.
  7. We know what happened to Michael after he left the Island and before he got to NY. Abet quickly.
  8. A nod to the producers – Sawyer calling the Barracks New Otherton.
  9. That the Secondary protocol is a Dharma plan, and not something developed recently by Widmore.
  10. Hurley doesn’t want any kind of money. Not his, not Oceanic’s. The money is the excuse Abaddon uses to explain his visit to Hurley at the Santa Rosa Mental Institute.
  11. Claire’s mother survived the car accident.
  12. Ben has a plan.

What our characters learned…

  1. Jack finds out who Aaron and Claire are. (and will be haunted by it)
  2. Some learned that Michael is still alive.

What we want to know…

  1. Has Sun learned something about her Dad’s companies involvement with Hanso/Widmore/Dharma?
  2. Did Ben alert the Others, who were at the Temple, that something was up when he used the mirror to communicate something to someone?
    • For a great overview of No Place Like Home try here. Televisionary.
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