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The Strangest Superhero Ever

June 12, 2008

Danny the Street (c) DC Comics, 1990

Since the movie Hancock is coming out next month, I’ve been thinking about odd-ball superheroes. There have been a lot. Some intentionally quirky and others by accident or by perspective of time, have come to seem campy or odd. I have one particular superhero in mind. My vote, hands-down, for the strangest if not the strangest superhero ever goes to: Danny the Street.

Danny is a sentient street or street-scape with the powers of teleportation. He integrates himself into a city’s geography seemingly without causing any damage or disturbance; roads and buildings simply make room for him. He does this mostly at night, when no one is looking. Danny travels the globe, and sometimes beyond, looking for folks in need of shelter and friendship or help. It’s possible to turn a corner on the way to work, and find yourself walking down Danny’s pleasant and frilly street. Wait, uhm… frilly?

Oh yeah, one more thing, Danny is a transvestite. Yes, a sentient teleporting transvestite length of road superhero. His sidewalks are lined with various hyper-masculine stores such as gun and sporting goods shops which are often decorated with frilly pink curtains and lace.

While Danny can’t speak, he communicates with his residents and friends via signs in windows, type-written messages and letters formed out of manhole vapors or broken glass shards. He speaks English, heavily flavored with Polari, a largely antiquated form of homosexual slang. “Bona to vada,” is his favorite way of greeting friends. While it’s never fully established as fact, Danny sometimes hints that he was once human. Danny is probably immortal or near to it.

Danny was a member of the DC comics odd-ball super hero group, The Doom Patrol (a personal favorite of mine). While on a mission, Danny once infiltrated the street-like environs of the Pentagon.

Danny left the DC Universe, literally, transporting to an alternate inhabited Earth, where he is now known as Danny the World. He was once considered for membership in the Green Lantern Corps as Street Lantern.

Danny was created by Scottish writer Grant Morrison and British artist Brendan McCarthy. He was based on the real transvestite, Danny LaRue.

If you know a stranger superhero let me know.

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  1. Nemo permalink
    June 9, 2009 10:26 am

    Yes I remember reading these when they came out, excellent writing. Danny was such a fascinating character I wish Mr. Morrison had more time to tell his story.

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