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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Is Back With Self-Contained Episodes

July 15, 2008

“We’ve worked hard trying to help everyone catch up,”  Wirth told USA Today’s Robert Bianco. “And these episodes are a little more self-contained. We were pretty heavily serialized last year.”

The move to a less serialized format for the show is hoped to lure back viewers.  Last year, Sarah Connor started with gang-buster ratings but saw a steep decline over the course of the season.  The numbers were picking up as the season ended, but a long hiatus may have made viewers forget what’s happening in the on-going storyline.  The series had been on hiatus since March. FOX was planning to rerun the series in August, so that the first season finale would lead directly into the second season premiere. It still may, fingers crossed.

I hope it doesn’t change the serialized format too much. Hopefully something Dexter like. Stand-alone episodes with a running story-line that gets bigger or more important as the season ends, but then again, this is FOX were talking about. We’re lucky they’re even bringing it back at all. It’s my guess they wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the up-coming Terminator re-launch trilogy with Christian Bale.

The first season will hit DVD on August 19 and then return for its second season on FOX in early September.

Via: USA Today

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