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LOST Comic-Con 2008 Panel – Q & A

July 26, 2008

comic-con-2008-logo-786575 There is a box with Dharma logo onstage. Everyone who asks a question will get a specially selected gift. The first guy just got an Oceanic bottle of water.

Q: When the hatch imploded and the sky turned purple? Did the Island move then?
A: No. But something happened. Prize: Oceanic water bottle.

Q: What is the fate of Jin and Locke?
A: Jin will still be on the show in some form. You’ve not seen the last of either of those characters. Prize: Jin panda bear.

Q: Best episode and best season, in your opinion?
Carlton: The Constant is my favorite episode, and season one.
Damon: Exodus and the raft launch before the show disintegrated into utter despair. I also like season four. Prize: Apollo bar and Apollo bar T-shirt.

Q: What’s up with the reflection in the season four promos where the city was in the reflection in the water?
A: That was all about the Oceanic Six getting off the Island. Prize: Heroes DVD

Q: Will there be a Rousseau flashback?
A: We will see Rousseau’s story, to use the word flashback might be disingenuous. Damon: We’re steering away from the flashes. Prize: I am Lost luggage tags.

Q: What’s up with the actors strike?
A: We’re supposed to start in three weeks at least until further notice changes that plan. Prize: Photo of Nikki & Paolo

Q: Any special guests this year?
A: No actors. Sorry. Prize: Actor-signed DVD box set.

Q: What happened to Vincent?
A: What about what happened the Island and Sawyer and Juliet? Vincent’s OK and will appear in season five. Safe to say: Vincent’s gonna make it to the end. Prize: Polar bear.

Q: Are Jack and Kate your show’s OTP?
A: Carlton: Personally I like those two, professionally I’m going to take the Fifth. Prize: Jack action figure

MATTHEW FOX arrives. Crowd goes crazy!

Q: Will Kate ever see Sawyer again?
DL: Not if Jack has anything to say about it. CC: Yes. Kate will see Sawyer again. Prize: Signed poster

Q: What happened to the blown-up boat?
A: They dead. Faraday probably gonna be OK. Prize: Authentic Faraday tie.

Damon Q to Matthew Fox: Do you know the meat-socks/redshirts, i.e. those who died on the boat?
MF: Yep. They’re always there and very professional.

Q: Is there a limit to how far the flashes can go back and forth in time?
A: We’re going to tell stories in a new and exciting way. This year, when season five starts, you’re not going to know when and where you are. CC: There will be storytelling both on and off the Island and in different periods of time. Guy who makes wooshing sound will remain employed. Prize: Hanso Foundation hat.

Q: Just between me and you, how does this show end?
A: It ends well, we hope.
Q: Can I have some Jin?
DL: The alcohol or the character?
Prize: Dharma beer

Q: How old is Richard Alpert and does he have six toes?
A: Not tellin’. We will see Richard Alpert barefoot in the very near future and that’s pun intended: the very near future. Prize: “I asked a Richard Alpert question and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” T-shirt

Damon Q to Matthew Fox: How old you think Richard Alpert is?
MF: 125 years old. DL: Wrong.

Q: Regarding Locke’s pseudonym of Jeremy Bentham, and one of his big things was the panopticon, are the people on the Island people being watched and by who?
A: Good question. [Interrupted by new Martin Candle video drama.]

One of the Dharma winners just jumped on stage and said LindeCuse aren’t telling us “sh**,” and says he has video to show us from the Dharma booth. This has to be totally scripted. We’re watching the video now. Will faithfully report its contents momentarily. Or Jen will.

–The kid took the camera into the booth and now we’re seeing video of Marvin Candle. His real name is Pierre Chang. He is a professor of physics from Ann Arbor. And he says we are receiving the message 30 years in the past. He says that GWB is President and talks about the Internet. He and his colleagues are dead. There has been a purge. We have to reinstate the Dharma Initiative. Time is not just of the essence, it is the essence, he says. And now the Dharma guy is cutting off the panel and withdrawing sponsorship.

Watch the panel here (flash won’t work here so follow these links)

LOST Panel, 2008: PT. 1

LOST Panel, 2008: PT. 2

LOST Panel, 2008: PT. 3

LOST Panel, 2008: PT. 4

LOST Panel, 2008: PT. 5

LOST Panel, 2008: Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang (Francois Chau) video.

Question: Is that Faraday or Ben or someone else performing the interview with Marvin? What’s your take? Post in the comments. I think it may be Faraday. Who is the baby? Is it alive in the future? Will Chang be featured next season?

LOST at Comic-Con with G4

Source: Twitterstreams of @Hawaii and @Tvsquad and Liveblogging by Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online and By Liz and Jen of Celebritology.

Photo: Damon and Carlton answer questions by: ewen and donabel on Flickr, CC License.

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