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New Watchman Posters

August 1, 2008

Warner Brothers just released some great new Watchmen posters. Click on poster to em-biggen!

dr_manhattan_final-(2) comedian_final-(2) silk2_final-(2) rorschach_final-(2) ozy_final-(2) nite-own_final-(2) silk_1_final-(2)

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  1. August 14, 2008 12:28 pm

    So what’s your verdict? Can they do such a long, complex story and pull it off in the studio boardroom-mandated timeframe? Will the fanboy geeks like us eat him alive for the smallest of deviations from the original? Will a big 1980’s metaphor fall flat with a 21st Century ADD audience the way “V for Vendetta” seemed to? Can they keep the hype and enthusiasm up for another six months before NOTHING will live up to the preconceptions and expectations? And Have you read this interview?

    Snyder seems to have the required appreciation and respect for the source material, but then so did Raimi … and the execs still managed to get control of Spidey 3.

    Worse, will Warner demand a sequel/prequel if it DOES succeed?

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