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Tarnsman of Gor: A (very) Late Review

August 2, 2008

My review

Tarnsman of Gorrating: 4 of 5 stars
Tarnsman of Gor by John Norman was the first in the Gor series. It’s been so long since I read these books. I remember raised eyebrows and judgmental looks from the librarians as I checked these out. They are a product of their time. They’re sexist and a bit silly, especially in later books.

The first book, despite the Frank Frazetta cover, was not really about slavery, etc. It was a good sword and sandal story told through the eyes of Tarl Cabbot. I had just started getting into the DC’s multi-verse and was fascinated by stories about alt. history, etc.

The premise of the Gor books: there is a twin of the Earth in an orbit exactly opposite us so it’s always blocked by the Sun, thus never detected. The adventures take place there.

I’m not really interested in re-reading the series. I’ll leave them stuck forever in the hormone driven amber of my youth.

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