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Hawkman – The Character DC Loves To Screw With

August 25, 2008

Hawkman 02 I’ll admit it. I’m a big fan of Hawkman. I’ve liked him for years. I had the Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow action figures in the ’70s but I also had Hawkman! Had to have Hawkman. I’d be asked by friends who he was and I’d try to explain as best as I could, but my ears would begin to bleed and his eyes would glaze over. He’s one of the many National Comics (DC) characters created in the Superhero boom of 1940 and was a core presence in the Justice Society and Justice League.

Hawkman premiered in Flash #1. He was a wealthy archeologist named Carter Hall who finds he is the reincarnated version of an Egyptian prince named Khufu. But oh, did that change!! This poor bastard has been screwed more ways than a mid level athlete in the Olympic Village. This has been going on for a long time. I remember back in 1984, his re-boot from the dusty shelves of Julie Schwartz’s Hall of failed Gardner Fox retcons and the fervent fan pleas to “do it right!” They didn’t listen.

The latest iFan Mini vlogcast, talks about his love of the character and his thoughts on yet another retcon coming out in  the Hawkman Special #1, Conor examines the tragic history of one of DC Comics’ biggest stars. Why is one of the pillars of the DC Universe considered radioactive by the people making DC Comics? Find out here.

Update: See DC Comics’ Blackest Night #1

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