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Patrick Stewart Will Be Time Lord on Dr. Who

October 7, 2008

jesilu_mac on Flickr Patrick Stewart has reportedly expressed interest in appearing been confirmed to appear in the fifth season of Doctor Who. Stewart is currently appearing on stage with David Tennant in Hamlet, could even be will be cast into the role of the Meddling Monk. It wil be a two part episode. The Meddling Monk was played by Peter Butterworth in the 1966 William Hartnell adventure The Time Meddler and was the first Time Lord that the Doctor encountered in the show. I can’t tell you how filled with girlish and squee-full glee this makes me. I don’t know much about the character, Tom Baker was my first Dr.

That opens up the recurring question of just how many Time Lords remain after the Time War and where, when or how was he hiding from the good Dr.

If you want to find out more about the Meddling Monk, you can pick up the DVD release of “The Time Meddler” or check out the episodes of “The Dalek Masterplan” included in the Lost in Time box-set. (denofgeek) (wilw)

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