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November 16, 2008

Del Toro Updates The Hobbit
Guilermo Del Toro spoke with iF Magazine and discussed “The Hobbit”:

The way we view it, and I think it was Peter who said, “let’s stop talking about two movies, let’s talk about one story.” I thought “abso-f*cking-lutely.” Then it made sense. I was so worried about this and that. Then all of sudden, seeing it as one narrative, saying, “this is the story” and not only the two movies. When we agreed, “let’s think about the five movies as a single story – a single narrative thread,” it opened up the scope of what we’re doing. You don’t have to try to contain the HOBBIT book in one movie, which I think would be a disservice. People tend to think, “why two movies,” and you go back and take notes of the book. The book you read, is not the book that [you think it is]. The book is such an effortless read and it seems like it goes like a breeze, but there are so many events in THE HOBBIT. Especially if you’re taking into account, ancillary stuff, there’s so much there. It really is barely containable into two movies.

Del Toro also said that they are no longer looking at the film as a bridge movie to “The Lord of the Rings”:

We’re not doing that. That was spoken about early on, as I said, we stopped talking about in terms of a bridge film, it’s a single film. We said, “we’re talking about a ‘film’ and we’re talking about two chapters of a film or two episodes.”

In a separate interview, Del Toro said that casting decisions have yet to be made, with the exception of Ian McKellen as Gandalf and Andy Serkis as Gollum: “There’s not lack of information. It’s not withholding. We really don’t have more information, because we’re writing.”  For more, including Del Toro’s thoughts on Smaug the dragon, “Hellboy III” and “Frankenstein” click here.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button hits theaters on Christmas Day 2008.


New Trailer of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


The Dr. Who 2008 Christmas Special


SCI FI Renews Sanctuary

The SCI FI Channel has renewed “Sanctuary” for a second season, ordering 13 new hours of the series that stars Amanda Tapping (“Stargate SG-1”, “Stargate Atlantis”).  “Sanctuary” attracted more than three million viewers for its series premiere on October 3rd, making it the networks highest rated original series premiere since “Eureka” in July 2006. I gave up on it myself, but whatever.

“Sci Fi will continue to trail blaze the television landscape by further exploring the many worlds of Sanctuary through its unique green screen environments,” said Mark Stern, Executive Vice President of Original Programming at Sci Fi. “Technology and great storytelling makes Sanctuary a fantastic addition to Sci Fi’s 2009 lineup.”

Pushing Daisies May Be Close to Cancellation

The well-reviewed, but low-rated ABC series “Pushing Daisies” may be close to cancellation, TV Week is reporting.  ABC has not decided to produce any more episodes beyond the initial 13 episodes already produced.  The series wrapped production on November 13th.  Earlier this week, creator Bryan Fuller said that he plans to wrap the show’s storylines via a comic book should ABC decide to cancel the show.  Fuller also spoke out again about the rumors of him heading to back to “Heroes”, saying that he remains committed to “Pushing Daisies”:

“I love Heroes. I had a wonderful time there during the first season. I love the writers. I love the cast. I love the crew. But I want Daisies to stay on the air. There are so many great stories in the back 9 that deepen the world and enrichen the characters. Is enrichen a word?”


HBO has greenlit production on the pilot for the fantasy drama series Game of Thrones, based on the book series from George R.R. Martin.  The pilot is described as “an epic struggle for power set in a vast and violent fantasy kingdom” [Variety] Very cool!!


Neil Gaiman, who’s writing the upcoming “Batman” two-part comic “Whatever Happned to the Caped Crusader” says the cover art image that were released on internet was not real: “That wasn’t the cover,” Gaiman said. “What it was, was a trial of an idea to draw the cover of ‘Batman’ #1,” Gaiman explained, “and it didn’t work out really well.”  Gaiman says that the comic will be “a last Batman story…”It’s my last Batman story”. [MTV]

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  1. December 10, 2008 2:52 pm

    Anna Friel show Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money are set for the chopping block. Bryan Fuller, executive producer of Pushing Daisies, confirmed the news about the show to E!’s Kristin Dos Santos.

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