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John Scalzi’s The Sagan Diary Read by The Women of Science Fiction

February 8, 2009


Here is a table of contents for the audio version, with links to the files.

Preface to “The Sagan Diary” — This chapter is actually not from the point of view of Jane Sagan; it’s from the POV of a military data analyst who has some very pointed grievances concerning the data she has to work with. This chapter will especially be useful for those of you who have not quite gotten through The Ghost Brigades. This chapter is read by Mary Robinette Kowal. High

Chapter One: Words — “These words are my life. Representation of time and counterfeit of emotion, record of loss and celebration of gain.” The story now shifts to Jane, where it will remain. Read by Mary Robinette Kowal High

Chapter Two: Killing — “I am not Death. I am killing; I am the verb, I am the action, I am the performance. I am the movement that cuts the spine; I am the mass which pulps the brain. I am the headsnap ejecting consciousness into the air.” Read by Elizabeth Bear High

Chapter Three: Speaking — “Let me speak your name… and in doing so affirm you in your tangible skin, with vibration and waves and exhalation” Read by Karen Meisner High

Chapter Four: Friendship – “I rose early the day I killed my friend. I knew that when I killed him I would have to be ready… and for that I needed to prepare myself.” Read by Ellen Kushner High

Chapter Five: Age – “When you were born all you could do was cry. When I was born I woke to a whisper, giving me a name and telling me to come away from my cradle.” Read by Helen Smith High

Chapter Six: Sex — “I am intent on your face, and the movement of your lips, and the memory of how those lips feel when they are on me.” Read by Cherie Priest High

Chapter Seven: Fear — “Fear enters the room and sits down in a chair and with a polite smile asks to open negotiations. Fear is small and hard and patient, and duplicitous, because in asking to negotiate it knows I cannot refuse.” Read by Mary Robinette Kowal High

Chapter Eight: Endings — “It is time to come to the end of things and to the beginning.” Read by Mary Robinette Kowal High

Subterranean Press has decided to post the complete text of “The Sagan Diary” at Subterranean Online.


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