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If You Follow Writer @Jamesmoran on Twitter Don’t Ask This Torchwood Question

May 6, 2009

Torchwood “So, since your a writer on Torchwood, when is the five-part ‘Children of Earth’ going to be on TV?” Because he will release his high middle-tier follower drones on your sorry butt, or at the very least send out a tersely worded tweet!

He really has no idea. No one seems to know for sure. ::Cough (June 15th?) Cough:: Are Jack and Ianto now a couple? Is Martha in it? Is Rhys a fully fledged member of the team? I can give you the answer to at least one of those questions if you click… here! One British TV critic who has seen the first episode guesses it will premiere the first of June but cautions that he is under a strict gag order about it. He does tease some details about it: “you will absolutely be not disappointed – there’s terror, there’s conspiracy, there’s humour, there’s a bit of snogging and there’s heaps of action.”

In Other News:

Eve Myles (Gwen) is pregnant.

Some Doctor Who finale gossip (with spoilers)

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