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Some of the Best ‘Lost’ Season 5 Finale Analyses & Reviews on the Nets

May 15, 2009

6a00d834518cc969e201156f90d225970c-800wi *Updated 5/21/09* I could go on and on about the Lost season 5 finale, The Incident, we do have until January 2010, don’t we!

I do have some quick thoughts. If Juliet’s (sniff) sacrifice of detonating the Jughead’s core works and resets things, think of what lies for the losties. Sayied would probably never have found Nadia. Locke would most likely tried to kill himself when he got home. Sun and Jin may have divorced or at least lived in misery without ever having Ji Yeon. Sawyer would forever be a con-man, never given the opportunity to grow into the James Ford or Jim LeFleu of this season. Kate would be in Federal prison. Rose would be dead from her cancer. Jack would be a bearded, strung-out mess (OK, that did happen). Charlie would probably be dead from an OD. Desmond and Penny wouldn’t be and Nikki and Paulo would still be alive. I know!! Lets hope that instead of Faraday’s theory of re-writing history, this is the very incident that caused the Swan to be built the way it was. Think of the radiation suits the Dharma folks wore back in the Season Two Desmond flashback. Think of the “Sickness”. Or why women couldn’t deliver to term on the island. Radiation? The Swan station, where as long as you keep pressing the bloody button brotha, the energy and radiation is contained, till one day in September 2004, Desmond doesn’t, crashing Flight 815 again… for the first time.

I liked the symbolism. Notice that Jacob’s enemy (Esau?) was dressed in black and Jacob in white. Were they Order and Chaos? I and some some other geeky commentators on several of the blogs I’ve listed below were reminded of the Black and White Guardians of Time from the Tom Baker era Doctor Who, which is kind of fitting for this series. Remember back in Season One, where Locke is teaching Walt how to play backgammon? He really stresses how the game is played with two sides, one black and one white. Remember when the skeletons were found in the cave and named Adam and Eve (Rose and Bernard?) Found inside a pocket were two stones, one black, one white. Of course the end card, for the first time, now white with black typeface. Here’s a great fan-made Season 6 Promo that focuses on Destiny.

I’m truly sad of the “Locke in the box” reveal. It means that John really is dead. That he died being used his entire life by Esau’s (anti-Locke) long-con to find his loophole to kill Jacob. Died believing himself a failure. I was so happy at how at peace the new Locke was this season. Only on Lost can you say at the end of a season finale, “Oh my God, Locke’s dead!!” and then a year later, “Oh my God, Locke’s dead!!”

OK, as promised, here are some of the best and brightest Lost analyses and reviews on the web right now. If you don’t click links often, I encourage you, if you’re a fan, check out these sites. Enjoy. Namaste!

Nikki Stafford’s Nik At Nite is an excellent place to start. She’s brilliant in her analysis, well versed in the genre (she’s written the fan guides for each season) so all the twists and turns don’t throw her, she’s prolific and Canadian. I love me some Canucks, so there’s that too. Nik At Nite blog – Just scroll, she has a few posts on the finale and the season overall.

Feel free to share links to other must-read sites you know of in the comments.

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