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Weekend Linkage

September 19, 2009

A Horrible EMMYs tonight –

WorldCon interviews with Jay Lake, Felix Gilman, Jim Kelly, John Kessel, and Pat Cadigan.ISBW #131

Are you a bibliophile like me? Check this out – 100 Best Blogs for Book Reviews

What book introduced you to science fiction? – See some genre authors’ answers

Many TV writers use what is called either the the Moonlighting rule (some also think it’s the Cheers rule), which says that if you put two characters together, the show instantly dies. – See why this is total nonsense

Precogs and Ray Guns Have No Place in True SciFi – Read the AMC column and weigh in with your opinion in the comments (Be nice)

Like it or not – DCs new JLA is very different, and maybe very good

Top 5 Must-See Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies of the Fall and Winter? – Read it at Axiom’s Edge What are yours?

Warren Ellis asked artists to Remake/Remodel Black Orchid. – See the results

Cherie Priest has added a .Steampunk FAQ to her Clockwork Century website.

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