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LOST Twitter Lists to Follow

December 8, 2009

If you’re on Twitter, and you are also a LOST fan and looking for folks to follow to add to your live Tweet watches of the final season, fret no more. Here are two good lists to follow. You can follow one or both or just use them to cherry pick new Losties to follow.

There’s this one from @DarkUFO, the largest Lost Fan site on the net. The other one I follow is this list from @jopinionated. Jo also writes about FlashForward, Fringe, Glee, House, Mad Men, Modern Family, and V. She keeps her LOST info spoiler free, something that DarkUFO doesn’t (so beware.) I’m not listed on either of these, but if you’d like, add me as well.

As a LOST fan with a History degree and a familiarity with many of the references to ancient cultures, literature, and philosophers; It’s been a LOT of fun for me.  I admit, 55% of the reason I watch the show is to catch these geeky Easter Eggs. It’s like watching a TV show adapted from a Neil Gaiman or Umberto Eco book. I’ll really miss it!

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