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LOST Is Making My Brain Melt – Review Of ‘Cabin Fever’

May 8, 2008

Christian Sheppard In Jacob's CabinHi John… I’m Horace… Hi John… I’m Horace…

Just watched this weeks’ episode. #4.11-Cabin Fever.

Gaaaah! Lost is making my brain melt.

I loved tonight’s episode!!

Well, I’m now convinced that Claire is dead. That she died in the explosion of her house in NewOthertown. Now she’s living inhabiting Jacob’s cabin with her very estranged and equally (un)dead Daddy. I don’t think Miles’ interest in Claire was romantic. Sawyer and we, the audience was supposed to assume that the young, horny guy is hitting on the cute chick by being nice, offering to carry her baby. But a couple of things tell me otherwise. He seemed more fascinated and worried by Claire. Like a ghost-buster’s wet dream. He seemed unnerved by Claire holding and feeding (feeding?) the baby so he kept asking to hold Aaron. When Sawyer re-joined Ben, John, Hugo and Miles with Claire, she came in after cleaning herself up and was asked if she was OK. She said I’ll live. Miles, under his breath, replied; “Don’t be so sure.” If I wasn’t convinced before, then her odd behavior in the cabin with Christian proved it, to me at least.

Move the Island?!? WTH? To where? How? To when maybe?

Little Ben uhm John, special from day one… and always fighting his destiny. Always wanting to be the knife. It was great to see Richard Alpert again since he’s back from his extended vac. in Miami (see the cancelled Cane) Interesting to see how poor John’s been manipulated and moved since day one. He seemed to be impervious to death (the island protecting him so he can fulfill his destiny?) How much of this was done to the other Losties? We only see snippets. Maybe Richard visited Mr. Clucks and mentioned to Hugo that it was his lucky day and he should try playing the lottery? Who knows. Alpert’s been traveling a long time. Was John pre-destined? Remember his Mother at first told John he was immaculately conceived. I’m wondering if it was the Others’ early experiment in artificial insemination. John, the first test-tube baby? Hmmm… Alpert reached out again to teenage john, to attend a science camp, but again John chose *the knife*. Then visited by the mysterious Matthew Abaddon as an orderly who first tells John about the Walkabout.

Well we know how the doc bit it. Keamy slits his throat and tosses him overboard to force Frank to fly them back. Why was Ray helping load the weapons? Didn’t he take that “do no harm” oath? Maybe it’s more of a guideline than a rule. What is that thing on Keamy’s arm? A detonator? For the Island? The freighter? For time? It seems that Frank and the scientists aren’t the villains, but pawns just like the rest of the Losties.

And then what about Jack and … wait… Move the WHAT?? How? OK… so Jack and the gang are heading into a show down, but do they stand a chance? Well I guess they do, but I’m guessing more folks (many) will be chatting it up with Miles after next week. RIP 😦 Where does Keamy think Ben is heading (based on the protocol from Widmore), it’s probably The Temple, which Ben said was “the last safe place on this island.”

From another Lost theory site…

Did Horace look familiar to you at all? Good, you’re paying attention: he was the man who Ben’s father flagged down after Ben was born and Emily died outside Portland… who took them to the island. Obviously a disciple of Richard Alpert (and close to the location of Mittelos Labs), Horace almost seems like he was waiting for both Ben and Locke.

My theory was (and maybe still is) Christian is Jacob. I used to believe it might have been Locke, trapped in time. Who knows? Maybe Jacob is a composite of all the special and chosen people from the island, from four-toed guy to Alpert, to Christian to Ben to John to Walt to … Head is spinning again. It could end up being an intellectually challenged Polar Bear looking into a snow globe, in bed with Emily Hartley. I dunno. Frack!

I can’t wait to watch it again on-line tomorrow to see what I missed and look at the screen caps on-line. I’d like to see if any one posts one of little Locke’s locker. (Hey they did! Check it out here. Notice the Geronimo Jackson poster?) I’d like to know what was in there. Probably the Boy Scout handbook and 15 volumes of Foxfire! Don’t tell him what he can and can’t do! (just passive-aggressively manipulate him for 50 years and make him believe it’s his own damn idea)

Loved the Hugo and Ben moment sharing the Apollo bar. Hugo is such a good guy. Breaks my heart to know how much he’ll suffer in the not-to-distant future.

While Locke might not admit it, he is remarkably similar to Ben in his own way: both are master manipulators, both were born prematurely, both have mothers with the name Emily and the same initials (EL) who give their sons specific names from the Bible, and both have led their followers to their deaths. Ben believes that the island wanted him to get sick and wanted Locke to get better and that his “time is over.”

Does Locke replace Ben, who replaced Richard Alpert? Is Walt the next in the line? Truly “destiny is a fickle bitch” and there’s always a price to pay for being “chosen.”

All for now… gotta take some Advil. Peace.

*Update* For Screencaps go HERE. Here’s some info on that old Atlas comic, Mystery Tales #40.

Have a theory or a favorite site, leave a comment and let us know.

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